Lifan Original Cheese Cake

The nutritious and healthy [steamed] cake made with [rice], steaming bath technique, low oil, low sugar and low cholesterol, bypassing the wheat bran, directly taking the aroma of rice, the stickiness of Penglai rice makes the cake more individual. Choose fresh ingredients, use 100% milk, without adding a drop of water! The rich milk flavor, without adding other flavors, makes people eat the most original delicious cheese. The tribe expert said: Its texture is firmer than sponge cake, but it is not as moist as heavy cheese cake.

SGD 39

Weight 450g. Size 7inch. The taste is somewhere in between. It is firm and soft, just combining the advantages of the two ~ not only the cheese aroma is in place , And also get the satisfaction of eating cakes, the point is that you won't be greasy after a bite or two! Low-sugar seasoning makes people eat more smoothly~



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