You're My Sunflower (Best Offer Product)

The sunflowers are the symbol of strength, positivity, admiration and loyalty. Give your partner this bouquet and say " You Are My Sunshine; make their day special ! Sending this sweet, sentimental bouquet on any day will make them feel that you are loyal to them. You can also express how they are your strength and admiration. Much love!

SGD 69

1. Blossoms

Colour of Flower: Yellow

Type of Flowers: Sunflower

No. of Stems: 1

Fillers: -


2. Occasions

Perfect Gift for Graduation and Congratulations


3. Fun Facts

- Sunflowers are the combination of 1000 tiny flowers

- Sunflowers have a history of healing, sources says it soothes chest pain and pulmonary troubles.



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