Raining Kisses

It will rain kisses from the sky and above when she will opens this romantic gift. Nothing can express, 'I love you' more than a bouquet of 12 pink roses scattered with pink baby's breath. This hand bouquet when wrapped in a pink with golden border glaze paper looks so amazing that it can make anybody skip a breath.

SGD 132

1. Blossoms

    Colour of Flower: Pink

    Type of Flowers: Roses

    No. of Stems: 12

    Fillers: baby breath

2. Occasions

    A perfect gift for birthdays

3. Fun Facts

    - The oldest flower discovered so far is the 130- million-years-old aquatic plant Montsechia vidalii

    - A couple humdred years ago in Russia, people used to give Tulips instead of Roses on Valentine's day.



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