Can't Help Falling In Love

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love. Give love to your man with a blooming bouquet and express how you can't help falling in love with him. This flower arrangement consists of a Vase of 5 Lilies, 8 Roses & 6 Carnations along with some leafy fillers.

SGD 94

1. Blossoms

   Colour of Flower: Pink

   Type of Flowers: Carnation, Lily, Rose

   No. of Stems: 5 Lilies, 8 Roses & 6 Carnations

   Fillers: Mixed


2. Occasions

   A perfect gift for anniversary or birthdays


3. Fun Facts

   - 54% of the land in Ecuador is filled with roses.

   - The Egyptians were the first to use the oil from lilies in perfumes

   - The scientific name of the Carnations means “Flowers of the Gods”



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